Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life with Lily

Lily will be four weeks old on Sunday. Life has been interesting having three girls under 3 1/2, but it has been doable.

I've managed to go out a few times with all three girls while Jonathan is at work. We went to Abigail's homeschool co-op last Friday and then visited with Nonna afterward. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking the girls to Nonna's just about every day she has off (I could use all the adult interaction I can get-plus she likes to hold Lily :-) Getting the girls in the van for an outing is pretty easy, getting the girls back in the apartment is another story. Yesterday afternoon all three girls fell asleep on the way home from Nonna's. I grabbed the older girls one-by-one and set them on the bottom step of our stairwell, then I grabbed Lily. After that I had to take each of them one-by-one up the stairs into our apartment (they were all a bit grumpy and not willing to climb the stairs themselves). Normally I'm all for the girls napping in the car, but not if they are unwilling to help me out when it comes to getting in the apartment!

Lily likes to sleep a lot. Let me be more specific - Lily likes to sleep a lot during the day. The past three nights we've had a good 1 hour to 2 hours of wide-awake time for one reason or another. I'm not sure if she's confusing day and night still, or if she's sleeping too much during the day. But I've also heard the phrase "sleep begets sleep" so I am not really willing to force her to be awake during the day.

Lily's other hobby seems to be spewing her meals all over me. And, can you believe it, she manages to soak me and nearby furniture/carpeting and get barely a drop on her. I'm not ready to call it reflux yet, though it does tend to happen at least once a day. Sarah had the same problem, but took meds for reflux. Regardless, it is very discouraging and very frustrating to have a dozy little lady nice and full and ready for sleep when all of a sudden she'll burb and barf all at once. Please pray for us.

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