Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sand, Sun, and Fun!

Earlier this week Jonathan brought up the idea to take the girls to the beach this weekend. I was surprised he suggested it because he isn't the biggest fan of the beach. Regardless, I jumped on the chance to go and started making plans.

We kicked off our Fourth of July weekend with a trip to the Salisbury Beach State Park Reservation. We got there around 9:15, which ended up being a perfect time to arrive.

After setting up our spot we brought the girls closer to the water so they could play in the sand. It took Sarah a bit of time to get used to the feel of the sand on her feet and hands. By the end of the day she had sand everywhere.

While we were building castles Abigail decided that she needed to get some water. This made for a nice transition to splashing in the frigid Atlantic. Abigail would run toward the waves, then give a little girl scream and run away from oncoming waves. I got a really good shot of her expression as she ran away from one. Sarah mostly hung out with Daddy and occasionally let go to walk around and splash. It didn't take long though for the shivering to set in-so we decided to get back to our spot for a break.

The girls played in the sand some more, then we had a nice picnic lunch. After a bit more playing in the sand we attempted to fly a kite, but failed at it (I blame it on the kite ;-) After a solid three hours we decided to call it a beach day. The girls were worn out (you know, Abigail, Sarah and Mommy).

We had a great time. So great, in fact, that I think it would be pretty easy to convince Jonathan to do another beach trip in the near future!

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