Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nesting and a Fun Craft

This Saturday I decided that I needed to be thorough in our vacuuming of the living room. We moved tables, the couch, everything. While we were busy deep cleaning Jonathan suggested rearranging the furniture. I was all for it. We had had the same basic set-up since we were married almost six years ago.

This set off a nesting kick for me. I then moved to the girls room where I thought I would do some organizing and consolidating to make room for our third girl. The girls' room has a huge closet that, unfortunately, was filled with a lot of Mommy and Daddy's stuff. So, I moved a lot of things into our room (which still needs to be gone through and put away). I then emptied a cabinet we had
in the closet and moved it into the room. I am now using this for the girls clothes instead of the rubber-maid-type drawers under the beds. Now the drawers are holding craft items in the closet (I did all this because we're getting bunk beds in the fall and there won't be room for much under bed storage for clothes). So, are you all glad for that long-winded explanation?

My Mom asked how we were decorating the girls' room. I hadn't really thought about it, so her question ended up inspiring me. She bought the girls pink "coverlets" and is making them afghans with blues, purples, and the same pink. I'm excited to see how everything turns out. On the girls' bedroom door we have two foam flowers Abigail and I made a while back. We decided we needed to make another one for her baby sister, which is what we did this afternoon. You can find all sorts of free craft patterns and directions online, which is where we found this pattern for "Retro Window Watchers".

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