Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Abigail woke up from her nap Monday to find it snowing outside. There wasn't too much accumulation, but that didn't stop Abigail from asking to play in the snow. Thankfully she stopped asking after a little while (it was too dark anyway).

This morning (Tuesday) we ventured out to visit family. Off I go walking to the van when Abigail quickly detours to the two inches or so of snow on the grass outside of the building. I gave in and let Sarah join in on the fun for a few minutes. This was Sarah's first hands-on experience with snow. She was so cute. She'd bend over to touch the snow, then stand up and giggle a little.

I let Abigail know it was time to go but, surprise surprise, she didn't want to. I strapped Sarah in her car seat and then went after Abigail.

We came home from our family visit while the sun was still out, so I thought the girls would have fun playing in the snow a bit longer. This is when I re-introduced Abigail to creating snow angels.

I didn't realize it until I checked the archives, but her first snow angel was made exactly two years ago today. Sarah wasn't wearing a snowsuit, so I didn't have her make any angels.

Like before, Abigail didn't want to stop playing in the snow, but eventually cooperated. That's ok though, because snow is in the forecast for later this week!

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