Sunday, December 21, 2008

First Big Snow

The northeast has become quite the winter wonderland this weekend. We had a fairly significant snowfall on Friday with maybe 7 or so inches of accumulation. I wanted to take Abigail outside for a photo or two, but it was pretty windy and the snow was coming down a bit hard. Saturday was a no-go as well because we were out too long shopping and it was too dark. So, this morning after breakfast we took Abigail outside so she could experience snow for the first time.

She seemed to like it. We even sat her down in it for a bit. I don't think she was too fond of laying in it though, perhaps because more falling snow was hitting her face.

Here are pictures of Abigail with me and Jonathan:

Abigail sitting in the snow:

Abigail laying in the snow:

Abigail's first-ever snow angel:


Krista Photography said...

that's a precious snow angel :)

suzanne said...

haha, I LOVE the snow angel! too cute