Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kapaldo Christmas

There is so much to share about our Christmas happenings. I'll have to stick to a few highlights.

On the Road Again
We took an extended pit stop in New Jersey to visit my brother and his fiancé. The girls spent most of their time chasing or looking for the cat. It turned out to be the perfect pit stop-right at the halfway point of our trip. Plus, we had a great visit. Sarah wasn't a fan of getting her picture taken with her Aunt and Uncle though.

Carols, Candles, and Christmas Eve
We went to Jonathan's church for their Christmas Eve service. I was anxious about how the girls would handle an hour in a pew. They did surprisingly well. We got there early and Abigail spotted a little girl. She went right up to her to say hi. Here's their little conversation:

My name's Ashley. I'm six. What's your name?
My name Abigail.
How old are you?
I two years old.
Do you want to be friends?

Ashley wanted to walk Abigail around and talked about all sorts of things. She ended up sitting with us. It was cute.

Night and Day
The girls were exhausted so they went to sleep pretty fast which was nice, though they were up at 5:15. I guess they wanted to scope out their Christmas loot early. They started out by seeing what was in their stockings. Plus, Grandma and Papa gave them Duplos.

Gift Giving
After breakfast we all gathered in the living room to open presents. Abigail was more into unwrapping than Sarah. She also helped hand things out. The girls got a lot of cute clothes, jammies, and toys. I was excited to receive a coffee maker, popcorn popper, and nonstick pans. Jonathan got a lot of nice clothes he quickly changed into after things settled down.

We were soon joined by more family, including Abigail's second cousin who is a year older than she. They kept each other entertained, which was nice.

This Christmas was a very special one for the girls as well as Jonathan and I. It was great to get together with all of Jonathan's brothers who made it home from all over. I'm glad we got to spend Christmas with the Kapaldos.

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