Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Christmas Celebrity Sighting

Abigail and Sarah joined their friends for a visit to the public library. The girls got to see Mrs. Claus in person! They weren't quite sure what to make of her-we haven't talked much about Santa because they're still too young to really understand. Sarah ventured out of my lap quite a bit to introduce herself to the kids who were there. Abigail was all over the place. She'd wiggle her way to the front of the group, then get anxious when she couldn't spot me or get back to me right away. She isn't used to sitting down, watching, and listening. But, I'd say the girls did pretty well considering everything.

Mrs. Claus talked all about Santa, the Reindeer, and how to make magic cookies. Probably the highlight of the morning was when Mrs. Clause dressed all the little girls and boys up for a little Christmas parade. Abigail was an elf and Sarah was a spectator.

After Mrs. Claus' presentation she took pictures with everyone. I didn't bother bringing the girls to her because I knew it would be a production. Instead though, after everyone was done, Sarah approached her and I was able to snap a quick picture.

It was a fun festive time spent with friends and perfect strangers. I am especially glad that a good number of our friends from church were there because they helped me keep an extra eye out on my constantly moving girls. I definitely think we'll do this again next year. I'm all about free and fun events!

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