Friday, September 3, 2010

The Zoo

First I must say that I cannot believe it's September already!

We kicked off the long weekend with the girls' first trip to the zoo. Thanks to a local organization admission to the Stone Zoo was free! We met up with Nonna, Laura, Nick, Bridget, Constance, and her Dad (Matt). We had a manageable 6:4 parent-to-child ratio.

Because admission was free the zoo was understandably crowded. But I think our visit went well.We started of at the barnyard section of the zoo where Abigail was able to get up close and personal with a goat. I couldn't get her to actually touch one, but she still enjoyed it.

We continued on and saw all sorts of animals. Some of the highlights included the bears, cougars, flamingos, and monkeys.

Abigail was really good about holding hands during our stay. Towards the end, however, she wanted to go at her own pace. Abigail wanted to spot the animal in each exhibit and immediately move on to the next one. She didn't like having to slow down and hold hands anymore. Thankfully we had Constance. Each time Abigail wanted to veer we would mention Constance and how she should hold her hand. As we were leaving and I was strapping Abigail into her car seat she kept crying out Constance's name (Chons-chance as Abigail says it). She really likes spending time with kiddos her age!

We had a great time and are thankful we got to spend part of our day with great family!

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