Monday, September 27, 2010

Bridget's Baptism

On Sunday we went to my niece Bridget's baptism. It was a separate service at my sister's church where five babies were baptized. It was a lovely ceremony and Bridget was a perfect little angel. The thing I liked most about the service was that each child's entire family was invited up front where the actual baptism took place-so we got to be a part of it in a way.

This was both Abigail and Sarah's first experience in a more formal church service. Jonathan was in charge of Sarah, while I took care of Abigail. I armed myself with a bag full of quiet activities to be used in order to keep Abigail in her seat during the entire service (you're laughing now aren't you?). We got there a bit early, so she was finished with her stickers before the service even started. We then moved to the wallet full of VeggieTale cards, followed by the toy that came in her kid's meal. She passed on coloring (which I expected). I even had a small purse with play jewelry and an old digital camera she could play with. All activities were quickly exhausted before baptisms even started.

Jonathan was able to lull Sarah to sleep, so when our family was invited to join Bridget I sent Abigail to be with Jonathan so I could take a few pictures. I then walked around the back of the church with Abigail while the other four children were being baptized.

Things went smoothly at first. Abigail identified the different colors in the stained glass, she talked to a baby girl who was also walking in the back, and she walked around in circles with me. The front door was propped open, so Abigail wanted to go outside. I let her go and look at a few mum plants, which she seemed to enjoy. The next thing I knew, Abigail was making a mad dash for the lobby, then the sanctuary, down the long center aisle. I started to run after her until I hit the sanctuary. I didn't want to cause a bigger scene and hoped she would be intercepted by a family member. Abigail made it all the way up to the front of the sanctuary and joined a family as they watched the next baptism. I could hear people chuckle as I went after her. I was horrified! At least she didn't grab anything. She just stood there like she was part of the family - like she was meant to be there.

We had a great day with family. Thank you for having us Miss Bridget. It was an honor to be a part of your special day!


Jennie said...

I love baptisms. My Hubby works for our church, so we were able to have Maggie's during Mass which was so special for us and our faith community (most of whom knew her because they had prayed for her so much during pregnancy).

Anyhoo ... just a tip that might help with regards to taking kids to church: get there early and let them run around outside, being sure to communicate "10 minutes until quiet time and church" and "5 minutes" and "3 minutes" ... you get the idea. Works well for Maggie so far :)

Amiko said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and comment.

And congrat to your niece baptism ^^


PS: Don't you have Google Friend Connection? so I can follow your blog post?