Saturday, August 29, 2009

Playing with Daddy and His Shoes

Today Abigail is 17 months old, just a month shy of a year and a half! I guess she's decided to have a slumber party with herself to celebrate because she's been in her crib for bed for an hour and I can still her her talking ;-)

It is the weekend, which means plenty of opportunities for Abigail to play with her Daddy. I thought we'd share a few pictures showing Abigail having fun with Dad.

Here is Abigail taking a ride. This is the first time Mommy wasn't hunched over to make sure Abigail didn't fall off.

Here is Abigail being made into a cute little bundle of love by her Dad and striking a pose:

Finally, the other day while Jonathan was at work Abigail decided to walk a few steps in his shoes. She actually did pretty well considering they are way too big for her ;-)

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