Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Jersey

This past weekend Abigail and I joined my parents on a road trip to visit my brother James in New Jersey. We left Friday before noon and hit a good bit of traffic during the drive. I'm not sure how long it ended up taking though. All I know is that Abigail was very excited to be free from her carseat. She loved roaming around her Uncle James' apartment. She especially loved chasing his cat. This was the first time she's seen a cat up close and personal. She did everything she could to get to the cat, named Baby. At one point she tried giving the cat one of her toys and tossing her toys at her. I wish I had my camera. James got some video of it-if I ever get a hold of the footage, I'll try to post it.

On Saturday we went to the Jersey shore. As you should know by now, Abigail loves the water and couldn't get enough of it! At one point we made her a wading pool in the sand to give us a break from walking with her in the waves. James' fiance Dawn joined us and was a great help!

Abigail got very fussy towards the end of our beach visit and ended up falling asleep as Nonna walked her along the boardwalk. We took a break before dinner in the hotel. We got creative trying to keep Abigail entertained.

We had dinner with Dawn's parents after our break. It was really nice to get the chance to meet them. They also welcomed us into their home for breakfast on Sunday. After breakfast on Sunday we headed to another boardwalk area (Point Pleasant, I think). The plan was to go to an aquarium. However, it seemed like everyone in the state of New Jersey was at this particular boardwalk-so we drove off in search of something else to do. We ended up getting soft serve at Jersey Freeze and then went to a local mall.

The trip back home started around 8:30 AM and went by much more quickly than the trip down. We had a great time getting away, but are happy to be home. I am especially happy to be able to put Abigail to bed in her own room. She ended up going to bed close to 10 each night because of evening activities and the excitement I having three other people in the room.

Thanks James for welcoming us and showing us around!

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