Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation Kick-Off

Jonathan is on vacation this week. We hope to do a lot of fun things but also relax (if the girls will allow it ;-). We started vacation off right with an outdoor concert. My Dad's bluegrass band, Ask Me Later, played in North Andover's summer concert on the common series for the second year in a row. The girls had a blast last year, so I expected the same this year.

The weather was perfect, not too warm and with a nice breeze. The older girls spent most of the concert running around with Bridget and dancing. Auntie Laura taught them how to play London Bridges and also did a few rounds of Ring Around the Rosie. Lily spent most of the concert wiggling and scooting around looking for a prime piece of grass to eat.

Once again we had a great time and wouldn't mind more "gigs" like this outdoor one. This was a great kick-off to Jonathan's week-long vacation.

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