Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camping Fun! - Day 1

We finished off Jonathan's vacation week by camping for two nights at Myles Standish State Forest. This was pretty much two years after our first camping trip.

Check in wasn't until 1:00 on Thursday, so we took things easy getting ready. We only encountered a little traffic on the way. I was relieved when we made it to the park entrance, but didn't realize it'd be another 6 miles to check in. A long while and lots of Lily crying later, we made it to our site and set up camp.

Jonathan set up a fire and we had your typical camp dinner of hot dogs and s'mores.

The sun began to set and we could tell the girls were tired. Lily easily went down at 8:00. The older two took a little longer. Sarah eventually woke Lily up, just as I was close to falling asleep, and that began our long night.

Jonathan was able to get Lily back to sleep while I took care of Sarah. I could hear Sarah's breathing and knew she had conked out. Ahhh, what a beautiful crisp evening filled with a hum of crickets and other creatures. But then I heard Lily again around 11:30 or so. Jonathan attempted to lull her back to sleep. I attempted to feed her. She proceeded to break quiet hour rules. Finally I told Jonathan I'd try and feed her in the van and put her back to sleep. She ate fine and fell asleep. So there we were, reclined in the passenger seat "sleeping". We lasted from about midnight to 3:00. I was getting cold and so decided to try the tent again. She went down fine in the pack n play. Then I hear the shuffling of little feet and hear Abigail telling me she didn't like her sleeping bag anymore. She crawled in with me and then complained about the lack of room. Eventually she decided her sleeping bag wasn't so bad after all. Lily woke up again. Jonathan gave it a shot to no avail. I fed her again. She fought sleep and broke quiet hour rules again. And so on.

I really wanted that sun to come up. This was turning into a long night. So, you may wonder, how does a sleepless Mommy pass the time? What a silly question. She writes a limerick, of course!

There once was a girl named Lily
Who must have thought camping was silly
Cause when she got there
Her "sleep log" was bare
And it wasn't because she was chilly

Here's a post bad night of sleep picture of Lily for your enjoyment:

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