Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camping Fun! - Day 2

The girls were up with the sun. We did what we could to keep them quiet until quiet hours ended at 7:00. We had breakfast, walked for a bit and then headed out for today's activity (after picking up coffee, first).

We went to Plymouth Long Beach. We got there before it got crowded and enjoyed collecting pebbles, playing in the sand, and walking in the frigid water. This was Lily's first beach experience. She spent most of it in our arms or on Jonathan's back. But she still had a chance to sample some of the sand and salt water.

We headed back to camp where we made preparations for our fire and dinner. Fridays are pizza and movie night for us, so we thought we'd stick with tradition (minus the  movie). I'll let you know how it went in a separate post.

Bedtime went easier than last night. Abigail was the first down, followed by Lily and then Sarah. All was quiet by 9:00. Jonathan and I enjoyed a quiet hour by the fire before we called it a night.

Lily woke up twice, but went back down pretty easy. All three girls slept well and even slept through the beginning of a thunderstorm with pretty heavy downpours. Soon after the rain stopped we packed up and took the tent down. We headed home around 8:00.

We had a great time camping! We'll hopefully do it again, and likely at this same campground. We may even stick around to do a bit more exploring. It is a large state forest with bike and hiking trails and ponds for swimming.

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Kelly Cluett said...

Sounds like a great time Diana! Enjoyed reading about the adventure.