Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Reunion

We went to a family reunion of sorts at my Aunt's house last Saturday. It was a great chance to see family we haven't seen in a while.

The girls started and ended our visit with fun in the pool. I decided to hang out with Lily and then Bridget in the ball pit.


The skies opened up, but not until everyone had lunch raffle prizes were handed out for a fundraiser. We spent a lot of time in the garage, where the kids took turns at breaking a pinata. Abigail loved swinging at it. Sarah went for her turn and ran out of the way crying-I don't think she liked having so much attention on her.


It got to the point where it was a tad too early to leave, but if we waited longer the girls would maybe fall asleep for an easy transfer to bed (we had about an hour drive). The girls didn't mind at all, they had fun quietly playing with a Dora playset and then not quietly crashing into it with their cousin's car (they learned a new game called "Bam!").

We had a blast. It is always a good time when you gather family together. It gets even better when they bring their guitars and singing voices along too.

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