Monday, March 30, 2009

Abigail's One Year Appointment

Abigail had her one year appointment today. She finally broke the 19 pound mark. She's a bit on the light side for little girls her age, but is right on track for her height. The Doctor confirmed that her ear infection is out of sight. Abigail looks to be in great health.

After the visit from the Doctor I had to entertain Abigail for 15 minutes or so before the Needle Nurse came in. Abigail had 3 vaccines this morning. Of course she didn't like being pricked, but once it was over she was fine.

The next stop was a lot of work for me. Abigail had some bloodwork done. The last time she had blood taken she was just a baby. I got to hold her in my arms while the Nurse took blood from her foot. Well, this time was a different story. I held Abigail on my lab with one arm across her chest holding her opposite hand while my other hand held her blood giving arm out by the wrist. Thankfully, these Nurses are pros at what they do and the blood was drawn in no time. The crying with this procedure lingered until we were out of the building ;-)

As I write this Abigail is sound asleep in bed. She's going on a one hour nap so far. Hopefully she will be bright eyed and bushy-tailed with memories of needles far from her mind!

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