Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One for the Baby Book - Though We All Could Live Without It

Monday I came down with a bit of a cold. That's fine, I can handle a simple cold. Well, Monday night I spread the love and Abigail came down with a cold of her very own. The thing is, she doesn't handle it quite like Mommy does. She does not like the snot sucker/booger bulb and she certainly does not like having her nose wiped. Plus, who would like to have their temperature taken multiple times a day where the sun doesn't shine? Needless to say, Abigail isn't the happiest camper. Last night was much worse than Monday night. Abigail took naps all night and woke up every two hours or so. Her face was covered in tears and nose gunk. I felt so bad for her!

Anyway, Abigail has been tired all day, rubbing her nose and eyes all day, etc. Around noon her eyes got red and started watering and got gunky. We took a trip to the Doctor and found out that Abigail has her first-ever bout with Conjunctivitis and also her first Ear Infection.

Thankfully Abigail is sleeping soundly now. We elevated her head a bit, gave her antibiotics, gave her eye ointment, and lulled her to sleep. I cannot wait until this is over...I don't like seeing a sick baby. At least though she does give us an occasional smile:

Oh, and here is a picture I promised my Dad I'd post. Here is Abigail trying on her Papa's hat the day of her Auntie's Bridal Shower:

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