Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're Expanding

The past 12 months have been such a change of pace for me and Jonathan. I left full-time work to be a stay-at-home mom and Jonathan gained full-time employment with a great organization. I have learned so much about myself and motherhood while raising Abigail with Jonathan. They say time goes by so fast, but there were some days that seemed to go on FOREVER ;-) Abigail and I had some really hard times, but the wonderful times have more than outweighed them. It has been a great year.

With all this said, Jonathan and I feel more equipped for what lies ahead. On or around October 11, 2009 we, God willing, will welcome another addition to the Kapaldo family! I found out I was 9 weeks and four days along on March 12, which takes me to the 10 week mark today. This is big news, and a bit overwhelming, but we know God will equip us and give us the strength (and energy) we need to raise "two under two".


Krista Photography said...

NO WAY!!!!! Oh my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great news. L, ara