Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a Week!

This has been quite the week for the Kapaldo family. It started last Saturday when Abigail came down with a fairly high fever. This fever was later accompanied by a runny nose and fussy mood. Colds are never fun for little ones!

On Monday morning during Abigail's bath I noticed some wheezing. Time to call the Doctor. We went in for a fairly lengthy visit. The Doctor listened to her lungs and suggested a nebulizer treatment-something Mommy and baby are not huge fans of. Abigail didn't like the treatment at first, but ended up falling asleep towards the end. After the treatment she went in for a chest x-ray. I'm not sure if anyone here is familiar with this process for one-year olds, but it is not fun. Abigail was placed in a plastic tube in the seated position with her arms straight up on the side of her head. I was able to help get her situated, but could not be there during the x-ray because of Baby #2. Long story short, the x-ray led to a diagnosis of minor pneumonia. We left with antibiotics and orders to perform 3 nebulizer treatments a day.

We had a follow-up visit on Wednesday. I was not convinced she had improved much, especially because she was still running a fever, her mood was all over, and she wasn't sleeping well. We saw a different Doctor this time who wanted another nebulizer treatment done, followed by another chest x-ray. This time the Doctor thought it best to have us go to the ER for more observation.

While at the ER we got to give Abigal yet three more nebulizer treatments back-to-back! After these treatments the Doctor and Nurse took a listen and could still hear wheezing. As a result, they decided that Abigail should be admitted.

We spent two nights in the hospital. Let me tell you, it is hard to entertain a one-year old who wants to go all over the place. We spent most of her waking hours walking up and down the halls and trying to entertain her in her cage-like crib. She slept fairly well at night, although she woke up at 5:30 the first morning, then 5:00 the second morning! She was given nebulizer treatments every four hours the whole time we were there. Once her oxygen absorbtion levels were in the 90's while Abigail was awake and sleeping we were free to go!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and well-wishes during this really hard week. It was hard to see Abigail sick like this, but it was a relief to still see her smiling face as she got to walk down the halls and play. She is a trooper! Please continue to pray for a full recovery. We are still doing nebulizer treatments and are finishing up her antibiotics. Her apetite is still not where it was before getting sick, so please pray that she would eat normally again!

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