Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laura and Nick's Wedding

This past weekend was my sister Laura's wedding. The weather warmed up a bit for the occasion - I think it got near 90 degrees!

The weekend started with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday night. Abigail was the flower girl for the wedding, so we tried practicing walking down the aisle (I was holding her hand, of course). It wasn't happening, but I thought that it was because she was so excited to be able to walk around the church. I ended up carrying her down the aisle. We had the rehearsal dinner at a local bar where guests served as the entertainment: karaoke.

Here is Abigail enjoying the lights and Abigail with Daddy:

A few more photos from the evening:

Jonathan was such a wonderful husband this weekend. He spent Friday night, most of Saturday, and checked out of the reception early to watch Abigail. It was great for the two of them to have a father-daughter weekend. It was also great to hear about how much Jonathan enjoyed being with her! I thought the craziness with nebulizer treatments, vitamins, steroids, antibiotics, and a bath would make for a stressful weekend. But, what can I say, Abigail is a sweetie.

While Jonathan was with Abigail I got to spend Saturday getting my hair and nails done with Laura and the rest of her bride's maids. Then came time to get dressed up. Jonathan brought Abigail to my parent's so I could dress her up in her little flower girl dress. This is when the hot weather started to really become evident ;-)

The girls, my mom, dad, and sister piled into the limo which was air conditioned! Abigail even got to ride in the limo. She kept herself entertained by playing with napkins and glasses stacked on the side of the limo. Thankfully they were plastic. However, once we parked in front of the church she discovered the champagne flutes, which were not plastic! It was finally time to enter the church for the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony officiated (can't think of a better word) by my Uncle Eddie. Oh, and yes, I carried Abigail down the aisle. I don't have any pictures from the ceremony, but here is a picture of Abigail en route to the reception:

We had such a great time at the reception. It was held at the same place our reception was (except it was a different banquet room). We got front row seats for the first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-daughter dance - everything. It was nice too because the head table was so close to Jonathan and Abigail's table, so I could keep a close eye on her (not that she needed it ;-) After dinner Abigail tried her hand at dancing:

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Brianne said...

It was such a fun time. I need to upload the pictures my mom took. I have a few from the church