Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lily's First Birthday - Part 1

Lily will officially be one on Tuesday. We celebrated a bit early though because Papa Kapaldo was in town for the weekend.

I really wanted to do a pumpkin cake again, like Sarah's first birthday, but figured it might be a cop out. Instead, I made pumpkin cake (a different recipe), but made a small one for Lily and cupcakes for everyone else. It ended up being a cross between Sarah's first cake and Abigail's first "cakes".

Lily didn't know what to make of everyone looking at her and singing to her. She also didn't know what to make of the cake. She dragged her hand through the frosting a number of times and then proceeded to wipe the frosting on her leg and high chair tray. She finally ended up tasting it, but didn't get all that into it.

After making a mess of herself we gave Lily a quick bath before she opened her presents.

It's funny to see Lily do more big girl things as she approaches the one year mark. Before our guests arrived Lily would push herself into a standing position using the floor (versus pulling up on a piece of furniture).

It's hard to see the baby of the family turn one. Before we know it she'll be a walking, talking, giggly little girl. Happy early birthday Lily!

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