Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sarah's First Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Sarah's birthday with family. We had a blast and I think Sarah did too. We went with a pumpkin/fall theme. I was adventurous and made a pumpkin spice birthday cake with cream cheese frosting-and I made it look like a pumpkin!

Sarah seemed to like the cake. At first she found it odd that everyone was staring at her, waiting for her to take a taste. But once she started eating she seemed to forget about her audience. Abigail wasn't that interested in the cake, only the frosting and ice cream.

Sarah got a few new cool, bright, and noisy toys. She also got a few really cute new winter outfits. Thank you everyone for your generosity! Thank you also to Grandma and Papa Kapaldo for making the trip up. And thank you Uncle James for taking pictures (and for making the trip up too)!

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Rachel said...

That cake sounds delicious! Happy birthday to your little one!