Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Girl

Today we bought Sarah her very own convertible carseat. We are ready to say "goodbye" to toting her around in her infant carseat. She seems to like it so far. Here she is trying it out before we installed it in the van:

To celebrate Sarah decided to take her first few steps today. For the past week or so Jonathan and I have been trying to get her to attempt walking. We would sit across from each other and do the "go see Daddy/come see Daddy" thing. She would almost always just plop down in an attempt to crawl. Today, however, she actually took steps! Here is a cute video of her taking a few steps (I will mention that she took a few more steps than this video shows-the camera proved to be a bit of a distraction for Sarah).


Jennie said...

Yay for the newest biped! :)

Maggie LOVES her front-facing car seat, but I have to admit I miss her infant seat sometimes. It's like another right of passage that keeps reminding me that she won't be small for very long.

KLZ said...

I love our convertible carseat. It's hard to think of ever having to carry around an infant carrier again.

But then, I'd never wake a newborn up to get them out of the car so we'll be using one again's just hard to think about lugging all that stuff again.

Congrats on the steps!