Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unfinished Business

My DayZero Project countdown is well underway. I have 983 days left to complete the 80 tasks I have on my list (I still plan to come up with 101 total tasks).

I have a few tasks that are "In Progress". Also, a number of my tasks start with the word "Finish". I start a lot of projects I'm excited about but either take forever to finish them, or I don't finish them at all. This is one of the reasons I'm looking forward to plugging along with this project. I actually want to finish things I've started in the past, and finish tasks I'm starting during this project.

So, here's a little progress report:

Finish my Mom's Grandmother cross-stitch pattern
Every Christmas my immediate family draws names for a gift exchange. The idea though, is to make that person a gift rather than buy a gift. Last Christmas I drew my Mom's name. I had the ambitious task of doing a cross-stitch pattern I found on E-Bay to display the names and birth dates of my Mom's grandchildren. I spent a lot of time on the pattern, but failed to finish it in time. My goal now is to finish the pattern by this Christmas. It's coming along:

Memorize Romans
My Church, GENESIS, is going through a sermon series on Romans. Our Pastor challenged us to memorize the entire letter ("book") which consists of 16 chapters. I know this is a big undertaking, but I believe it is possible if I practice every day and attempt to add a few new verses each week. I tend to practice at the breakfast table with Abigail and Sarah. When I successfully add a new verse I get a little excited and shout "Yes!". Well, Abigail has now gotten into the habit of reciting her own "verse", which goes a little like this "Christ the Lord and the Gentiles...Yes!" So far I have 12 verses under my belt out of 433, so I'm 2.8% complete. I think this task will take the full 1,001 days ;-)

Read 5 classic "banned" books
My Mom and I decided to do this task together and read the same books that have been banned or challenged. I finished Animal Farm by George Orwell and am currently reading The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.

I still have a long way to go on my list, but I am planning on finishing what I have started!

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