Monday, July 16, 2012

Visiting The Garden State

This past weekend we joined Nonna and Papa for a road trip to New Jersey to visit Uncle James and Auntie Dawn. This was Lily's first road trip. She didn't fair too well on the way down since we were on the road for around eight hours (I've never seen so many fender benders). The way back was much more bearable.


We headed straight to the hotel to regroup and then headed over to James and Dawn's apartment for dinner. The girls were very excited to be there, mainly because Baby was there (James and Dawn's cat). We headed back to the hotel past the girls' bedtime, which was delayed even more because the girls were so excited to be sleeping in a hotel.

Sarah was the only one to really sleep in on Saturday. Lily and Abigail were up before 7:00.


Saturday brought firsts for all three girls. We went to Six Flags Great Adventure. I'll do a separate post on that because we took loads of pictures. After a long day at the amusement park we headed back to James and Dawn's. The girls got a nice bath while James grilled our dinner. I figured since it was such a long day that all three girls would crash on the way back to the hotel but not one of them fell asleep. Thankfully though, they were all down and out shortly after we got back to our room.

All three girls slept in on Sunday! It was nice to get an almost full-nights' sleep. We met James and Dawn for a huge and yummy breakfast before going on the road again. The trip home was SO much better than the trip down. We made good time and the girls were pretty pleasant most of the way down.

Thank you so much James and Dawn for hosting us! We had a great time seeing you both again. And thank you Nonna and Papa for letting us join in on the fun!

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