Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Six Flags

Our main outing while visiting Uncle James and Auntie Dawn was heading to Six Flags Great Adventure. This was the girls' first amusement park experience. All of the adults were pretty excited for the girls.

Abigail spotted the carousel first. Nonna went with Abigail and I excitedly headed to the carousel with Sarah. Papa and Daddy had cameras at the ready. I lifted Sarah up onto her horse and she suddenly had a change of heart. She did NOT want to ride the carousel. It turned out that she didn't want to ride much of anything.

She did ride the teacups with Nonna, James, Mommy, and Abigail. What an experience. I had a giggly Abigail on my left and a terrified, kicking and screaming Sarah on my right.

Abigail got her fill of rides during the day. She had a blast! She even rode the log flume ride with Daddy, Mommy, and Papa. Papa was in the front, with the rest of us in the back (I think it worked out well that she couldn't see what was ahead of her).

Sarah did a lot of watching. She was happy to beat the heat by running through some water while waiting for Abigail to finish her rides. She also ended up riding a mild stagecoach ride with Abigail and also drove a car with Daddy and Auntie Dawn. 

As the day went on the girls succumbed to exhaustion and the heat. We left the park with two whiny kiddos and a baby who benefited from a nice afternoon nap in her stroller. All in all though it was a great day. We're looking forward to maybe doing it again someday.

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