Thursday, April 5, 2012

Geography Fair!

Abigail's time of preschool at Co-op is coming to a close. Abigail has really enjoyed learning her ABC's and spending time with her friends and teachers.

These past few weeks Abigail and I have been working on a project for our co-op's Geography Fair. I was actually going to opt out considering Abigail can't read or write (which meant I'd be doing most of the leg work). I ended up deciding it might be fun, and it was (well, maybe until the last minute rush of preparations).

We studied Indonesia. Abigail can quickly point out Indonesia on the map and can identify the country's flag.

We also learned a few simple phrases in Bahasa Indonesia, learned about the food Indonesians like to eat, and also learned lots about the Komodo Dragon. I learned that the girls really like starfruit, which we had on display and for students to sample.

The girls were a little crazy the night of the fair. Jonathan and I took turns representing our country while kids went around the world having their passports stamped. It was a great opportunity for me to see older kids and the hard work they put into learning about their countries. A pair of sisters in particular impressed me as they excitedly told Abigail and I about India.

In a way this geography fair made me a little more excited about the possibility of homeschooling "for real". We still haven't officially decided whether we will or not yet. Thankfully we have more time to think and pray about it!

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