Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fun Outside

This has been a pretty mild winter overall. Today was especially warm. As I type this I see that the weather for our area is 67 degrees. Bet you're wondering what I'm doing typing instead of enjoying the warmth.

The girls and I did get to take advantage of the warm weather for maybe an hour. We headed to "Nonna's Park" before Nonna had to go to work. It's a nice fenced-in park near a beautiful big lake. Turns out we weren't the only ones who thought it'd be a good idea to go to the park today. Abigail and Sarah had fun while Lily watched.

During lunch it became apparent that Sarah wasn't feeling well. I think she's coming down with the cold Abigail had earlier this week-which is why we are spending the afternoon inside. I'm glad we got to spend a little time outside though and look forward to more opportunities once spring comes for good.

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