Monday, February 13, 2012

Three Months!

Lily is three months old now. I was changing her this morning and thought, "Wait a second, what is today's date?" I realized she hit 3 months and had to change her for her onesie picture:

Lily loves to smile. She also loves to stick her hands in her mouth. She's reaching for her toys now and she tolerates tummy time better than before. We see more of Lily's beautiful blue eyes during the day as she is spending less time napping than when she was younger (I feel silly saying "when she was younger").

Nighttime sleep is not going so well. It seems that all three girls went through a phase where they just did not like sleeping in their crib. Abigail spent a lot of time sleeping in our bed. Sarah spent time sleeping in the swing. Right now Lily will start in the crib, but oftentimes will end up with us or in the swing. If I remember correctly, this issue got better once the girls went through "sleep training". So, anywhere between four and six months.

The girls still love Lily :-) Sarah is actually spending more time with her, which I'm happy about. She'll crouch down in front of Lily in her bouncy seat and say in a sweet, high voice "Hi Lily".

Lily is getting so big! I'm interested just how big she is, which we'll find out in a few days during her checkup. Happy three months Lily!

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