Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Fridays 01.13.12

Lily is now two months old. I feel like it should be more like three months, because the past few weeks haven't flown by like I expected them to.

Lily gives us lots of smiles. She'll smile just about every time Abigail shows up. She gives me her biggest smiles in the middle of the night when she should be sleeping.

She's also cooing now. I love some of the sounds that come out of her cute little mouth. She likes to talk sometimes in the middle of the night too-when she should be sleeping :-)

Here's our growing baby, now an ancient two months old:

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Leighannn said...

Oh I so remember the cooing stage. What a wonderful time. I thought I would miss it and wanted to freeze it.
you know what?
It keeps getting better and better!
It really does.