Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Sunday started bright and early with Abigail waking up a few minutes before 6:00. We showed the girls their little Easter basket. They were happy to receive books, bubbles, and a few small toys. Before heading out we tried our luck at getting a cute picture of the girls in their Easter dresses. And check them out a year ago.

Sarah saw that Abigail was wearing a head band and wanted one of her own, even though there isn't a whole lot of hair to hold back.

We went to church early for Easter brunch followed by an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

After a great Easter service we headed to Nonna and Papa's for dinner and more Easter fun.

My Grandfather got special gifts for the girls. I have a post in draft form with a video clip waiting to be uploaded of Abigail and Grandpa singing their version of "A Tisket, A Tasket". When they sing they sing about Abigail's, Sarah's, and Bridget's baskets. Each basket is a different color. So, Grandpa got Abigail a yellow basket and got Sarah a pink one.

The girls were beat by the end of the day-but they had a great day! Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

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