Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday

Today we spent time with family as we celebrated the sending off of my cousin, Veronica, who is off to boot camp on June 1.

Veronica is Constance's mom, who is only about a month and a half younger than Abigail. As they've grown up it has been fun to see them play together and get into things together. They don't see each other too terribly often, but when they do they just get back to the business of being cousins. Today was no different. They spent most of their time together playing in the sprinkler. They both had a blast!

Sarah taking notes on how a big girl plays in the sprinkler.

Bridget waiting for her chance (only a little over a week until she is due :-)

I should also mention that Uncle Nate is in boot camp right now too. Uncle Nate is Jonathan's youngest brother. We're all proud of him. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Uncle Nate with Abigail from a while ago:

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