Friday, October 3, 2008

Six Months!

So I am a little late on a six month posting. We didn't even manage to dress Abigail up for her six month photos. This past weekend Abigail came down with her first cold. Then she decided to share it with us. Now we are one big happy and sniffly family. Abigail is doing well considering. She is still very pleasant. The only thing I've noticed is a change in sleeping habits (she's been going to bed after 11 each night, and lately hasn't slept as long as normal). The fever is gone now and all we're left with is a runny nose. Hopefully it will be all over by Monday, when she has her next appointment and next round of vaccines.

Here are a few cute pictures of our little Abigail since she turned 6 months old:

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Krista Photography said...

I love that last one! She's so CUTE! :)