Friday, June 1, 2012

Photo Fridays 06.01.12

Remember how I mentioned that Abigail was getting more gutsy with Lily? Well, Abigail has not let up one little bit. I was on the phone with Jonathan in the kitchen when I went on my way into the living room to find Abigail standing up, holding Lily, and attempting to place Lily in her toy stroller! For my own peace of mind and for Lily's protection I unpacked and set up our play pen.

My friend Kelly gave us this play pen when Abigail was a baby. We used it a lot with Abigail, but not so much with Sarah. Abigail really wasn't interested in lifting Sarah, and most of Abigail's toys were not choking hazards. I am really happy we still have this handy baby gear and Lily doesn't seem to mind it either!

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