Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day Weekend was pretty low-key. Jonathan was at a conference for church from Friday night to Monday night (coming home for the evenings, with a break from church until later Sunday afternoon). Also, my sister and Mom worked a good deal of the weekend, so we didn't spend a whole lot of time over there either.

We started the day with a trip to the park with my friend Jennifer and her husband, YiFeng. It was awesome having a 1:1 ratio (though I will admit, YiFeng spent some time looking after the two older ones while I got to catch up with Jennifer). We decided to leave just as the ice cream truck was arriving. I ended up leaving the parking lot with three whining/crying girls. Thankfully they were all calm by the time we got home. We then headed over to Jonathan's conference, where they invited families to join in on lunch (thankful for that!). That was followed by a walk around downtown Winchester, a bath, and a low-key napless afternoon at home. I had the two older girls tucked in bed by the time Jonathan got home.

After church we had a nice lunch and a lazy afternoon before Jonathan headed back to the conference. Sarah fought sleep like nobody's business during her nap time. So, we had an early dinner followed by an early bedtime.

The girls and I headed out early to Nonna and Papa's house to visit before Nonna had to head to work. It ended up being more than just a visit. Abigail, Sarah, and I helped Nonna and Papa plant a few flowers-which was fun! We don't get to do this sort of thing living in an apartment, so it was nice to do something new. We look forward to someday gardening in our own yard.

We went home for a little bit and then headed out for the final celebration at the conference Jonathan was attending. A lot of people shared their testimonies and it was pretty clear that me spending the weekend with the three girls was totally worth the experience Jonathan got to have.

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