Monday, May 14, 2012

Six Months!

Lily officially turned 6 months old yesterday, but I didn't get around to taking her monthly picture until this morning.

Lily is trying her hardest to scoot. I'll see her reaching for a toy (or something she shouldn't be going for, like a little girl's sneaker). Then she'll bring her knees in...and then...she goes backwards. She has mastered moving sideways (like the arms of a clock).

We've been better at giving her solids and will probably introduce a few veggies now. I think she is eager to eat. Jonathan often holds her during dinner time and she'll follow his fork with her eyes.

We haven't done official sleep training yet. On occasion I would put her in her crib awake. The problem we have now is that the two older girls will sit up in their bunk beds and squeal, laugh, and talk with her. I think sleep training will involve training the other girls as to how this whole thing will work.

I cannot believe half a year has gone by since Lily came into the world! Time flies!

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