Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Abigail's first day of preschool. We started earlier than usual because (1) once Abigail learned she'd be doing school she hasn't stopped talking about it and (2) I wanted to get a good routine going before Lily comes in November.

To start I decided to do a few simple things in the morning so that Sarah can participate. We did the bulk of our school though during her naptime.

Our morning session consisted mainly of our calendar. I finished it up to include the temperature and what Abigail should wear for the weather. We sang a few songs about the days of the week and months of the year. Then I thought it would be good to focus on our color of the week: yellow. I picked up a simple book on the color yellow at the library. It was a nice way to introduce new words to Sarah and also go over all sorts of things that are yellow. After reading that a few times we went around the apartment pointing out all of the yellow things.

Our afternoon session was pretty simple. I introduced our verse for the week, read a story about it, and then Abigail read cards with the phrase "I see 1 lion" (or "I see 1 lock") with corresponding pictures of items starting with the letter "l" (our letter of the week). The thing I like about this curriculum is that it doesn't start with "Aa" but instead starts with "Ll", which is one of the easier letters to write. We'll see how writing goes in the coming days. After all this we read a book about the letter "L" and then called it a day.

On a quick side note, Monday is our "clean up" day-a day where we stay home and the girls play around while Mom plays catch up on chores. I was still able to do this and fit in our lesson. While I was cleaning the bathroom Abigail got a hold of our camera. I wanted to just take it from her, but then encouraged her to take pictures of things that are yellow. It was fun to see what she came up with:

part of her plastic golf setbutterflies on her backpackSarah's floatie

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