Tuesday, August 9, 2011

100 Days

We've only got 100 days left until our little girls' estimated date of arrival. While talking about "the baby coming out" with Abigail she often talks about it happening now. It is hard to explain to her that we've still got a little while to go. We'll start by saying it won't happen until November. Then we say it'll be in the fall. Finally we let Abigail in on the chain of events that have to occur before her little sister is born (Daddy's birthday, then Sarah's birthday, then sister's birthday).

Today I decided we'd make a paper chain. Yesterday Abigail and I put together 100 strips of paper to represent the 100 days we have left until the baby is due. As each day passes we'll tear off a part of the chain. Hopefully this will give Abigail a better idea of how much time we have left.

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