Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Years!

Abigail is officially two years old today! She is becoming quite the young lady.

Abigail recognizes every letter of the alphabet and can count to thirteen. She has a handle on shapes and is learning her colors. She also talks a lot and is starting to use two-word phrases, which is encouraging!

Abigail loves to run. She loves running around before and after church because of all the space. We have to be careful as she approaches the stage because of communion wine/juice on the tables and the instruments (Abigail likes the "tar" (guitar) and drums).

Abigail also loves the water and has no fear when it comes to the water. Daddy will have to teach her to swim soon.

Along with these exciting developments come the not so exciting ones. For example, her tantrums are pretty fierce. Also, she now climbs out of bed on her own. No more hanging out for a good 30 minutes before getting her up for the day (not to mention the countless times we have had to put her back in bed at nap and bedtimes).

What I love about Abigail is the way she gets in my face to say "hi" with a big smile on her face at all times during the day. I also love how she closes her eyes, lifts her head towards the sky, and grins when the sun and breeze hits her face. I love her hugs and kisses.

Happy birthday Abigail. Boy were our lives changed when you entered our world. We love you so much!

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