Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh What a Night!

Two nights ago was a rough one. Abigail woke up at 12:30 and didn't get back to sleep until 3:30. I did what I could to get her back down in an effort to keep her quiet and to keep Sarah from waking up. About an hour and a half in, I explained to Abigail that it was time to go "night night" and went back to my room. I could hear on the monitor that she was not falling asleep. The next thing I know she's running through our doorway to our bed.

For those of you who don't know, Abigail has done so well with her big girl bed. We put her in, she plays around for a little bit, she falls asleep, wakes up, and waits for one of us to retrieve her. Two nights ago must have changed things.

I think most moms would expect the next days' nap to either happen soon (quick to fall asleep) or be extra long. Well, Abigail's nap was neither. I went through our routine, put her in bed, and moments later she came trotting out of her room with her stuffed elephant (oh, and a big smile on her face). I put her back two more times and she got out two more times. This was especially tricky because the maintenance man was patching up a hole in my closet and Sarah was getting hungry. After the third time I put her in the crib hoping she would sleep while I fed Sarah. All she did was stand up and cry. I went back to the bed, she came out a number of times, back to the crib, back to the bed, she came out more, back to the get the idea. Plus, all the fuss kept Sarah from sleeping for her afternoon nap. I had had enough. The three of us were going to go for a ride. Both girls napped for about an hour.

I went out last night to have dinner with friends (and was so grateful for the break). I came home and Jonathan told me I should be glad I was out. He spent a little more than an hour and a half putting Abigail back to bed.

Here's hoping she gets the idea in the next few days.

Ok, now some cute pictures of me and the girls during a small dress up session:

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