Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meal Time with Abigail

Meal time with Abigail is sometimes hit or miss. We never know how a new meal will go for her. Lately we have been pleasantly surprised. The other night we had a chicken skillet dish with corn and black beans. She really seemed to like it, especially the corn. She kept saying "corm" (not quite getting the "n" sound out) as she grabbed pieces and put them in her mouth.

Tonight I made a new recipe for meatloaf - turkey meatloaf to be more specific. First of all, Abigail hasn't been fond of ground meat. Second of all, it was a meatloaf made with turkey. Well, the meatloaf turned out to be really tasty and surprisingly moist. Abigail actually ate it! She was more apt to eat more though if it was on the spoon we used to serve veggies:

Abigail is also very into drinking out of a cup without a sippy top. We let her go ahead and have water this way tonight. She is a funny girl though because she decided she wanted to consume her water with the same spoon she used to eat the meatloaf:

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