Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Sleep Deprived Mom

Last night was unlike any other in Sarah's short life. She was up from around midnight to a bit before 4:00. I think Abigail and Sarah conspired against us. They must have planned a little slumber party or something. Sarah woke up before midnight crying. For the first time since being home the crying woke up Abigail. I tended to Sarah and Jonathan to Abigail. After an hour or so of crying and talking to herself, Abigail fell asleep. After numerous feedings, burpings, diaper changings, and bouts of crying Sarah fell asleep-just before 4:00 AM. We did what we hoped to avoid and gave Sarah a pacifier. Thankfully Abigail wasn't ready to get up until just after 8:00.

So, what does a Mommy (and Daddy) do the day after a long and sleep derived night? See below:

Drink Caffeine!

What does a newborn do? Something a bit different:


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