Monday, October 19, 2009

Abigail the BIG Sister

Abigail is still getting used to having a baby sister around. For the most part she doesn't pay any attention to Sarah. We try to give her just as much attention as we give to Sarah, which isn't easy in the first few days of babyhood.

One hard thing for me is bedtime with Abigail. When we bring her into the bedroom she quiets down. Normally she gets really excited about reading a book, giving Daddy a kiss, and listening to us sing Jesus Loves Me to her. I hold her while we sing and she does not want to let go. She has a tight grip on me because she knows after "the Bible tells me so" we kiss her goodnight and lay her in her crib. Instead of having a big smile on her face she immediately stands up in the crib and cries when we leave. I am looking forward to this phase being over-it is heartbreaking!

On a much lighter note, here are pictures of Abigail, the BIG Sister:

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