Friday, September 18, 2009

Trip to the Aquarium

To celebrate Jonathan's birthday and have one more fun family outing before Sarah's arrival we went into town to visit the New England Aquarium. This was Abigail's first time and she had a great time!

We took the train into town-three different trains/lines to be exact. The excitment of being on a train wore off for Abigail after the fourth or so stop. After that she wanted to sit on Daddy's lap; sit on Mommy's lap; try and climb the poles you hold onto; sit in her own seat; stand on her own seat-you get the idea :-)

We finally arrived at the Aquarium. Near the entrance they had a large tank with Atlantic Harbor Seals. This was probably Abigail's favorite part of the visit.

Abigail became more of a handful inside when she wanted out of the stroller to go exploring by herself. We did manage to get her to stop and see the fish though!

After the Aquarium we had a birthday lunch at Bertucci's. Abigail loved the tomatoes from our salad as well as the pizza we got. You'll notice her wardrobe change in our end-of-the day pictures because of the mess she made.

We took a nice long walk to the T and Abigail fell asleep. She actually even slept on the train ride(s) home! We had such a great day and are happy Daddy was able to take the day off for our adventure!

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