Friday, November 14, 2008

We Made It!

Abigail and I made it through our first week together with Jonathan at work. Things went well generally. We had a few tiring moments (when will she appreciate how wonderful naps are???). We also had nice bonding moments (mommy found new ways to make Abigail giggle).

This is a full-time job! Even though I'm home most of the time I find myself looking forward to the weekend-that's when Jonathan will be around all day!

I was able to mix things up a bit with visits with family and friends.
It has been great to see Abigail open up to people more. Last night I was at my parents and I spent little time playing with her. She was too busy playing with Papa, Nonna, Auntie Laura, Uncle Nick, and her cousin Constance.

Overall it has been a great week. I think as time passes Abigail and I will get used to each other and will develop some sort of schedule/routine.

The pictures below let you all know what happens when you leave me alone with Abigail and a camera:

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