Thursday, June 5, 2008

Two Month Appointment

Abigail had her two month appointment this past Tuesday. She weighed in at just under 12 pounds (11 pounds, 15.8 ounces to be exact). She is now 23 1/4 inches long.

Some of you may know that the two month appointment is the time when babies get their first round of vaccinations. Abigail got stuck with three needles. The nurse was very good and was able to give Abigail her vaccines pretty swiftly. However, I have never seen Abigail's face so beet red before, she was not happy. We were able to comfort her pretty much right after it was over. Overall, Abigail reacted well to her vaccines. She did have a fever a good 24 hours or so afterward, but as of this morning that fever is history.

Abigail has been smiling a lot lately. The other night I realized that we didn't really have any pictures of her smiling, so here is one I took Tuesday night:

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