Monday, February 4, 2008

Strange Dreams

I've heard that dreams during pregnancy can be quite interesting. I had a few of those last night. One involved feeding my baby. One baby I fed, a little girl, spoke to me and expressed that she was thankful she wouldn't have to do this much longer because she didn't like the taste of her food. Then, I later found out she wasn't my baby, and that I had had a boy. To that I exclaimed, "We need to think of a boy's name!" Oh, I and I neglected to mention that my actual first baby was a rat, not a little girl. So it went rat, baby girl, baby boy. I was going to not mention the rat because it is totally out there...but I thought I'd be honest with you all ;-) I kept putting my baby rat down so I could get ready to feed it...but then I would lose tract of it. Wow, this all seems even more bizarre when I write it out. I hope you all are amused.

Another dream involved either Mary Poppins or Maria (from The Sound of Music) who was in trouble with the law because she had her children deal with issues through singing versus other means.

I hope this gave you all a good laugh.

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