Monday, February 18, 2008


This past Sunday my sister and mom threw me a baby shower. They did a great job. They had a Noah's Ark theme. Speckled through the decor though were pink elephants in particular. I think this is in reference to my favorite classic Disney movie Dumbo. We played a few games, one of which was to guess how big around I have gotten using ribbon. Now that I think of it, I would have liked to know the measurements of the winner. Only two people really came close: Auntie Margie and Auntie Barbara. Most people overestimated how big around I was!

I will spare everyone pictures of me opening presents as I have awkward looks on my face, partially closed eyes, etc. Instead I thought I'd share some posed pictures with family:

My cousin Mary and I three months since our last belly picture:

My great friend Teresa from work:

Papa, Nonna, Auntie Laura, and Uncle James ;-)

The future Auntie Dawn and Uncle James:

Great Grandma:

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