Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lily is Here!

So, Lily's due date (11/17) has come and gone. I haven't posted in a while, which may indicate that Lily has made her arrival.

She's been with us for a bit over a week now and we love her to pieces. We are still getting used to taking care of three little ones and, as of December 1 I'll have to get used to taking care of the three girls all over again because Jonathan will head back to work.

Lily came a few days before her due date, but the timing was actually perfect. My Mom and sister had Sunday off, so they were able to take care of Abigail and Sarah. My sister also watched the girls so Jonathan could pick me and Lily up from the hospital a few days later.

Here are a two fun facts we've learned over the past week or so:

Sixth Sense - I should have figured this out with Abigail or Sarah, but newborns have a sixth sense that weakens as they get older. This sense enables them to know the exact moment your head hits the pillow. They also know the moment you are about to nod off.

How Many? - If any of you were wondering "How many Kapaldo's does it take to change a diaper?" the answer is at least three (during the day anyway). The girls are really good about gathering supplies to help change Lily.

We'll be posting more in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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