Monday, January 24, 2011

Team Work

Parenting and running a house are so much easier when you have someone to do them with. Jonathan was out of town three days and two nights last week, so I was playing it solo for a few days. It wasn't easy and it made me realize how much Jonathan does!

The hardest chores I had to tackle by myself revolved around sleep (my favorite thing). The girls decided to make things interesting for me. On Monday night Abigail took her PJ's off. After putting them back on I left the girls to giggle, gab, and yell themselves to sleep. The only problem was that only Abigail fell asleep. Once Abigail was snoozing away Sarah was unhappy and decided to cry and cry and cry some more. After maybe 5-10 minutes of this I went in to rock her to sleep. As I was doing this I looked over to Abigail and saw that she had taken her PJ's off again. I wanted to get Sarah to sleep as soon as possible. About an HOUR later she was finally down and I quickly dressed Abigail again.

On the other end of sleep is a new morning, hooray! Up and at 'em! Let's get off to a running start! Ok, that is NOT me in the mornings. Once I hear Abigail calling for "Momma" to open the gate I normally turn over and sweetly ask Jonathan to take care of it (because Sarah is often still sleeping). I couldn't do that, and it didn't really matter because Sarah was awake too.

Another way Jonathan helps out (and I didn't realize this) is in the area of accountability. Dishes in the sink? They can wait until tomorrow. Room needs cleaning? Another chore that can wait. Time to catch up on the sermon you missed on Sunday? I'm too tired. I think I'll just go to bed.

On a more positive note, the girls and I did have fun these past few days. Our Tuesday was particularly fun. We started it off with a trip to the grocery store and finished it off with a visit with my family. We first went to the mall to visit Nonna at Build-A-Bear. We left with two new friends: Rosie and Chuck.

Then we headed to my parent's place to play with Bridget and have dinner. As I was getting the girls ready to leave Abigail discovered a new way to make Bridget laugh:

I am glad I have Jonathan back, and I think the girls are too!

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kristaphoto said...

I guess it's always good to be reminded of how much you appreciate your husband!

And that video is adorable :) So much pink!